3 Reasons It’s Not Too Early For Christmas Decorations

At Christmas By the Sea, we love Christmas any time of the year, which is why we offer MA and NH Christmas decoration service year-round. Now, some of you may be thinking we’re a bit crazy here. Why would someone decorate for Christmas now? 

Call us what you will, but before you judge, you’ll want to read this first:

There’s something about that holiday spirit

We’ve all heard the saying “holiday spirit” by now. It comes during the time of year when people are swept up in the wonderous, magical moments of the holiday. The holiday spirit is the happy feeling people experience – love, peace, good cheer.

This year, more than ever before, we all could use a good dose of holiday spirit! So, why not start early by bringing out the décor! You don’t have to go crazy (yet); just a few sparkles here and there should do. Be sure to check out our article for tips on DIY wreath making!

You’ll have a reason to eat cookies

Oh come on, who doesn’t love Christmas cookies?!? If you said me, we’re calling your bluff. From peanut butter blossoms to sugar cookies, snowballs to thumbprints, the possibilities are endless. And, the best part about delving into the world of cookies now is that you’ll have plenty of retail sales ahead to buy yourself a new belt!

Getting your singing tune in check is essential

Ahhhh, the sounds of Christmas. Even if you love to hate the tunes, there’s at least one song that pulls on your childhood heartstrings. For us, it’s White Christmas – Grandma in the kitchen with the record player in the background. She hums along as she fills the house with scents of homemade cooking

Okay, okay … no matter where Christmas tunes bring you, you’ll probably be humming (or singing) along to at least one of them. So, impress your family this year with the ultimate, in-tune, Christmas singing abilities! Practicing now means perfection later.

At Christmas By the Sea Shoppe, we love Christmas! From lights to trees, our shop has every last detail you need to bring your visions to life. However, if you need a bit of help sprucing up an old style, contact us today about our NH Christmas decorating service!

Don’t wait for the calendar, get your holiday spirit on today!