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7 Popular Christmas Candles for the Season

Christmas is so close that you can just smell it, literally! With The holiday’s right around the corner, it is time to find Christmas candles in NH that will give you the extra holiday joy in your home; if you haven’t done so already, that is. 

Christmas at the Sea Shoppe is your go-to shop for everything you need to spark that holiday cheer. Here are some of the most popular scents that people love during the holidays!

Cedar Christmas Trees

Almost nothing is better than the fresh, natural smell of a Christmas tree. A cedar scented candle is a perfect addition for people who could not get a real tree this year. While it may not be the same, it is the next best thing!

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Christmas Cookies

Are those cookies in the oven? No, it is the smell of a Christmas Cookie Candle! With a cookie-scented candle, you can keep the oven off and avoid any messy clean-up afterward. Does it get any more sugary than that?


For people who cannot get a hearth in their home, there are hearth-scented candles! These candles mix the smells of wood and frankincense with hints of a smokey ember to make you feel extra warm this holiday.


Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh gingerbread during the holidays? We sure do! Enjoy the aromas of fresh-baked gingerbread cookies with a dash of cinnamon while opening your presents on Christmas day!

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Candy Canes

The smells of traditional, minty candy canes usually send people into a sense of nostalgia of picking off and eating candy canes from the Christmas tree.

Hot Chocolate

One of the favorite drinks of the holiday season. With a hot chocolate scented candle, you can bring the sweet smells to your home even when you find yourself all out of cocoa. 

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Roasting Chestnuts

No Christmas is complete without the smell of warm chestnuts in the air. Sweet and nutty with that unmistakable hot charcoal scent.

‘Tis The Season

At Christmas by the Sea Shoppe, we take the holiday season seriously. So seriously that we run all year round! However, the holiday season is here, so it is time to ensure your home has everything it needs! From NH Christmas candles to the ultimate selection of artificial trees, you’ll find precisely what your holiday needs!

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Visit our online store or in-person at 72 Lafayette Rd, Hampton Falls, NH. 

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