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How To Properly Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Now that the holiday season has passed, it’s, unfortunately, time for packing away your Christmas décor.  From lights to artificial Christmas trees in NH, proper storage is crucial to the integrity of your precious décor.  The last thing you’ll want is costly surprises that can ruin the holiday spirit next year.  With these helpful tips on proper storage for your tree, you can be confident your tree will unpack in the same condition it was stored away.

Find an Air-Tight Container

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is stuffing your artificial Christmas tree into a garbage bag.  Now, we only mention this because it’s the most go-to for homeowners.  Garbage bags come in a variety of sizes, which make storage simple, but there are several downfalls. 

For example, most garbage bags aren’t waterproof.  This leads us to consider where you’ll store your tree.  Since attics and cellars are the most popular locations, you’ll need to consider moisture.  With moisture comes the potential for mold and mildew growth.  Thus, by storing your tree away unprotected in a garbage bag, you’re creating the perfect hiding spot for bacteria to thrive unnoticed.

Another common go-to is the original cardboard box your tree was purchased in.  However, not only is this a flimsy option, it’s even more prone to mold growth as well as pest infestation.


Whether unlit or prelit, artificial Christmas trees will come apart in sections.  Starting at the top, carefully remove sections one at a time while gently placing them on the floor.  If your tree is prelit, be sure to unplug connecting strings before beginning the process.


Now that your tree is disassembled, you’ll want to fold in the branches before attempting to place it in your storage bin.  To properly fold the branches, you’ll, again, start at the top working your way from the smallest to biggest branches.  Carefully compact branches towards the base, taking extra care for prelit trees.


Back to step number one, storing.  Now that we’ve eliminated garbage bags and cardboard boxes, that may leave you wondering what your options are.  Well, lucky for you, there are plenty of options for trees of all sizes.  Large, canvas totes are the most common storage option.  Not only does this option allow for space, but it’s also easily transported with handles and sometimes wheels!

artificial Christmas tree NH

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