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5 Benefits an Artificial Christmas Tree Can Provide

With the holiday season fast approaching, Christmas will be here before we know it.  One staple of every home is the tradition of decorating a tree. However, in today’s world, more and more people are opting for artificial Christmas trees in NH versus a live tree.  From environmental awareness to aesthetics, here are a few of the benefits an artificial Christmas tree can provide:

Cost-effective solution

Christmas can already be a taxing time for families when it comes to spending money.  However, you can obtain significant savings by opting for an artificial tree. Although the upfront investment may be more than a live tree, an artificial tree should last you around ten years.  So, by purchasing an artificial tree for $150, you’ll be averaging a yearly cost of $15 for a Christmas tree.

They are safer

By choosing an artificial tree, fire hazards are lower.  If you’ve ever owned a live tree, you know that over time they’ll dry out.  Dry trees in the home, wrapped in lights, can be a major fire hazard. However, with an artificial tree, you will no longer have this concern.  

The hassle of lights is gone

One of the most dreaded elements of tree decorating is hanging the lights.  Untangling strings of lights for hours can sometimes kill the holiday joy. However, several artificial Christmas trees now come pre-lit! Not only is the sting hassle gone, but you’ll be provided with options.  Many pre-lit trees come with changing light patterns and possibly even changing colors.

No mess

Another downfall of a live tree is the mess that comes with them.  Although daily watering for a short period of time may not seem like a big deal, it’s a task that’s often forgotten.  Beyond water, the heat of your home will also contribute to the drying of your tree. As your tree dries, the needles will fall.  And fall. And fall.

You can enjoy them longer

Because artificial trees are maintenance-free and won’t dry out, you can display them for more extended periods of time.  If you’re a holiday décor fanatic like us, this could be the number one reason to consider investing in an artificial Christmas tree in NH!

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