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A Guide to Selecting an Artificial Christmas Tree in NH

Having an artificial Christmas tree in NH used to be seen as a major faux pas, but it is a choice that more people are turning to every day. In fact, over 80% of homes have artificial Christmas trees. For some, it is because having an artificial tree saves a significant amount of money. Others like the convenience and predictability that come with having an artificial tree. Some people go artificial to reduce the time they spend on cleaning and maintenance. Are you considering investing in an artificial Christmas tree this year? Use this quick guide to ensure you find the tree that is just right!

Sizing an Artificial Tree

Before you purchase an artificial Christmas tree, you want to think about where you plan to display the tree. Ideally, you should have at least six inches (twelve is better) of space between the top of the tree and the ceiling to ensure you have room for a tree topper and to account for the base. It is also good to measure the width of the space where you plan to display your tree. You want to make sure you will have room to maneuver around the tree when you are decorating it.

Lighting Considerations

The next thing to think about is whether you want a tree that is pre-lit or unlit. Many people prefer a pre-lit tree because it is one less thing they have to deal with when decorating their house. Long strings of lights tend to get tangled if they aren’t stored correctly. With a pre-lit tree, you never have to worry about that again. Some people enjoy the process of adding lights to their tree, however. An unlit tree is the best option for them.

Color and Accents

Artificial Christmas trees come in all different colors. Some have needles that have varying shades of green and brown to make them look more realistic. On the other end of the spectrum are trees with unnatural colors like white, pink, and silver. Some trees are flocked, which means they have white dust on them that is intended to look like snow. You can even get trees with accents like pine cones, or pre-hung decorations. 

Needle Type and Quality

Artificial Christmas trees have three primary needle types – fir, spruce, and pine. The needle type that you choose will depend on factors such as how you plan to decorate the tree or the type of tree that was typically in your home when you were growing up. Ensuring you have a high-quality tree is essential as well, poorly made trees can cause a host of issues. Many artificial Christmas tree owners complain that the tree tilts funny, or isn’t strong enough to hold up their ornaments. Most of these issues are resolved by purchasing a higher quality tree.

Buying an artificial Christmas tree in NH isn’t like buying a real tree. It’s an investment in an item that will be used to decorate your home for many years. At Christmas by the Tree Shoppe, we carefully curate all of our Christmas items to make sure the goods we offer are of the highest quality. If you’re looking to buy an artificial Christmas tree this season, come visit us to see our excellent collection! We can’t wait to see you!

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