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Benefits of Burlap Christmas Stockings

If you’ve stopped by to visit us at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe, you probably noticed the vast selection of burlap Christmas stockings NH.  Now, you may have noticed them and not given the material a second thought, or, you may be wondering why one would choose burlap as the primary material for their stocking

Believe it or not, there are several beneficial features in selecting burlap in a variety of different situations.  Whether for Christmas stockings, tree ribbon, or used in finishing touches for your Christmas décor, we love burlap, and here’s why.

It’s affordable

Often, creating that eye-catching, must-have magazine look in our homes can cost a small fortune. But, at last, we’ve found an affordable solution that blends seamlessly into any décor without breaking the bank. Burlap is a natural product that is readily available to consumers in a wide range of applications.

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It’s completely biodegradable

Often referred to as hessian jute fabric, burlap is made entirely from natural vegetable fibers. Using the skin of the jute plant (tall grass-like plant), or sisal fibers, this woven fabric is also sometimes integrated with other vegetable fibers. While there are synthetic replicas on the market, authentic burlap is entirely biodegradable. Requiring less water than cotton, eliminating the need for chemical interventions, and needing little to no help for regrowth and replenishment, the jute plant is sustainable and eco-friendly.

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The natural properties are impressive

If you’re lucky, Santa is going to overfill that stocking come Christmas Eve. However, having a fabric that can withstand the weight without worry of pulling or tearing can be tricky.  Burlap provides durability that will hold up against all odds. Because of its natural strength and reliability, burlap is often used for shipping and construction purposes as well.

Furthermore, burlap is considered a breathable material.  This feature is ideal when packing items that are prone to moisture and mold growth, or easily compromised with lack of oxygen.

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Fashion and function combined

Beyond all the beneficial natural features of burlap, it’s pretty! Burlap is versatile in use, from elegant weddings to beach-themed Christmas ornaments, the material is used in a variety of settings without flaw.

For all of your NH Christmas stockings and décor, be sure to visit us at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe.  Conveniently located on Lafayette Road in Hampton Falls, NH, our store is like no other Christmas shop you’ve visited!

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