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Christmas in July and Santa is Here!

Did you know that Santa comes to vacation at Hampton Beach in July? He sure does!

When we found out that he was going to be here this month, we knew what we had to do. As a Christmas shop in Hampton, NH, we knew we had to get him to come by for a visit.

We sent him a letter via good old-fashioned snail mail. We waited, and waited, and waited, eagerly checking the mail every day expecting his response. 

But there was nothing.

Then we sent an email. Did you know you can email Santa

We checked our mailbox and our inbox every day after that. Surely Santa would respond, right? He had to. There’s only one Christmas Shoppe in Hampton Beach, and he was going to be here for the whole month of July. Surely he would be willing to visit us. Right?

Finally, as July was almost upon us, we decided we had to do something drastic.

How could we get ahold of Santa in the middle of the summer? A letter wasn’t doing the trick, he clearly wasn’t answering his emails in the middle of the summer, so how else could we reach him?

Santa has a phone number! We were a little worried at first because if you ask Google if Santa has a phone number, there are a lot of choices. How would we know which one was the right one? We called a few before we found him, but we did!

Santa apologized for not returning our letter and email. He said he tries to answer his messages from September to January to avoid burnout. We said we understand.

But then, he said yes!

We asked him if he would mind coming to our shop for a quick visit while he was on vacation in Hampton Beach and he said YES!

Not only did he say yes, but he offered to come and visit for a few times (and he might even come back again next year!) So if you want to see Santa in July, swing by sometime this month.

Because Santa is visiting the ONLY Christmas shop in Hampton, NH in July!

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