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Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees. Which Do You Prefer?

During the holiday season, putting up a Christmas tree is a tradition for many families. However, when it comes to NH Christmas trees, there is a hard line on whether or not the artificial or fresh tree is the better choice. No matter which side of the line you stand on, your side is the right side.

Because we love a good debate, we’re presenting some of the best arguments from both sides.

The artificial tree.

For most people, a real tree was once part of the holiday tradition. However, many abandon the fresh tree and opt for an artificial one. Here’s why:

  • It’s the safer choice. When opting for an artificial tree, you significantly reduce the risk of a fire by removing a potentially dry tree from your home.
  • More cost-effective. The upfront cost of an artificial tree may be more than a real tree, but it pays itself back. On average, your tree should last ten years. Try dividing the total price of your artificial tree by 10, then multiplying the cost of your real tree by 10. The numbers speak for themselves.
  • Bye-bye needle mess. Not only are dried needles a fire hazard, but they also make a mess! With an artificial tree, you can forget about the daily sweeping and vacuuming of fallen needles.
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A fresh NH Christmas tree.

And then there are those committed to a fresh tree. Often, this category of folks has made up their minds, and they are sticking to it! Here’s why:

  • Family traditions. For many families, cutting a fresh tree is the start of the holiday season. Often, an entire day is focused around choosing the tree and getting it home. Hiking around a tree farm in snow, scrutinizing each option, hauling the tree back to the car, and ending with cocoa – there is really no replacing the experience.
  • Oh, that Christmas tree smell. Unless you’re allergic, there is nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cut tree to bring on the holiday spirit. Candles and pine-scented sprays don’t cut it. Besides smelling good, your fresh cut tree will help clean the carbon dioxide from your air too!
  • Economic stability. While this may seem an odd fact to have under a fresh tree, hear us out. A single tree farm provides income to hundreds of families – from the growers to sellers, many lives are touched before the tree arrives in your home. Further, for each tree cut, another is planted, starting the process over again.

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When it comes to NH Christmas trees, which side do you stand? Do you prefer the traditions and smell of a freshly cut tree, or do you take the safer, more cost-effective route? At Christmas By the Sea Shoppe, we love Christmas trees no matter what shape or form! That said, we are curious on your stance. Be sure to check in with us on Facebook and let us know which NH Christmas tree you prefer and why. For bonus points, throw in a picture!

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