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DIY Christmas Ornaments: Ideas For Craft Lovers

Summer can be a time where people have far more downtime than usual. Why not use that time to make some DIY Christmas ornaments. These can be great gifts for loved ones or just a fun, relaxing craft to do on a summer day. Christmas by the Sea Shoppe also has a wide variety of Christmas ornaments that are available year-round. Here are a few creative ideas for DIY Christmas Ornaments! 

Marble Bulb Ornament

This simple ornament is one that anyone can do! First, take a plain glass bulb. It should have no color on it. Remove the top part where it is usually hung from. Then take your favorite color paint and white paint. Tipping the bulb to the side fills the inside with a little bit of your colored paint. Swirl it around leaving some spots unpainted and allow it to dry. Once it has dried, do the same with the white paint swirling it around until all surfaces are covered by either the colored or white paint. Pour any extra white paint out of the bulb and allow it to dry. Just put the cap back on and now you have a beautiful marble ornament! 

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

Have old wine corks around the house? Turn them into an ornament! First, grab a pair of googly eyes and cover the back of them with glue. Stand the cork vertically and place the eyes on the side of the cork. Do the same with a small red cotton ball, placing it under the two eyes. Next, find a brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Shape the two pipe cleaners into antlers and glue them to the top of the wine cork. Last, take a string, tying it into a loop, and glue one end to the top of the wine cork between the two antlers. Once the glue has dried the reindeer ornament is finished! 

Ribbon Tied Ornament

Want to do a craft project with your kids? This is the perfect ornament to make. First go find a stick in the yard, roughly 3 inches long with a 1-inch circumference. Then find 2-3 of your favorite ribbons. They can be different colors and thicknesses. Cut the different ribbons into numerous pieces 3 inches in length. Starting at the top of the stick, tie the first ribbon around the stick, double knotting it. Continue this for the rest of the ribbon pieces until the whole stick is covered. Tie a piece of ribbon or string to make a circle and then glue that piece on top of the stick. Allow the glue to dry and then your ribbon ornament is done.

Christmas by the Sea Shoppe DIY Christmas Ornaments

Here at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe, we love Christmas ornaments. That’s why we are conveniently open year-round at 72 Lafayette Rd in Hampton Falls, NH. A visit to our store is an experience you won’t forget! Our experts can help you find Ornaments that will compliment your DIY Christmas Ornaments! 

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