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NH Christmas Wreaths To Make Now

While many of us continue to remain at home, why not get ahead of the busy holiday season? From decorating to shopping for gifts, the to-do list around the holidays seems to be long and demanding. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, there’s a lot to do in a little amount of time. However, planning ahead with these fun Christmas wreaths in NH can have your décor gathering a breeze!

Simple yet elegant hoop wreaths

You don’t have to be the “crafty” type to make this cute hoop wreath! With a few materials and a little gluing, you’ll have yourself a simple, yet elegant, wreath that leaves your guests in awe!


  • Small wooden hoop
  • Large wooden hoop
  • Spray paint (silver, gold, sparkles, whatever tickles your fancy)!
  • Hot glue and a glue gun
  • Dried (or fake) Christmas greenery – pine, eucalyptus, berries, etc.
  • Christmas décor – bow, small ornaments, pine cones, sparkly fun decorative pieces, etc.


  • Begin by spraying the hoops the color of your choice
  • Once dried, connect the two hoops with whatever you have handy, but make sure it’s sturdy.  A nut and bolt, plastic adjustable ties, or a lot of hot glue should work!
  • Add your décor carefully using your hot glue gun.  That’s it; you’re done!

Grapevines for days

Another easy DIY Christmas wreath is created with grapevine, berries, and a metal frame. Oh, and don’t forget your bow! With a quick trip to your local craft store, you can purchase grapevine fairly inexpensive. While you’re there, choose a metal wreath frame; size is your choice!

To create the wreath, weave the grapevine in and around the frame several times until reaching your desired thickness. Once your vine is complete, repeat the process with your berries. Your final touch is the addition of your bow.  This beauty couldn’t be easier!

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Although our team is filled with even more ideas, we’ll leave you here for now! Be sure to visit us at Christmas By the Sea Shoppe this summer.  From at-home DIY tips to elegant Christmas wreaths in NH, our shop is your one-stop Christmas everything stop!