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Do You Leave Your NH Christmas Lights Up All Year?

While the majority of us will answer this question with a no, hundreds of others will say yes! Christmas lights in NH and MA are festive during the holiday season.  So much so, that we pile our family into the car to drive around and “tour” the best lit houses.  However, at the end of the holidays, we tuck our lights away in the cellar or attic until next December rolls around.  Why is this?

“Acceptable” hanging times

According to several surveys in the United States, there’s an unspoken etiquette around hanging light displays.  The majority of individuals polled found it acceptable to hang your lights beginning the day after Thanksgiving.  For many, the two holidays are so close together, that they like a strict guideline distinguishing the two for one another.  Let one end and let the other begin. 

“Expected” take down times

Like hanging your lights, there is also an unspoken timeframe on when they should come down.  For many, January 5th or 6th is the hard deadline to shut your beautifully lit home down.  This date is not as random as it seems at first glance.  For Christians, the 12th day after Christmas is Three Kings’ Day, the day that the three wise men visited baby Jesus after his birth.

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Our take

Here at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe, we encourage everyone to keep their Christmas light display going strong YEAR ROUND! However, to avoid the glares and comments from your neighbors, do it with class and style! Here are just a few ideas to help inspire your creative juices when it comes to displaying your lights:

White is the way to go

While we encourage all the color your heart desired during the holiday season, the rest of the year, you’ll want to stay white.  Bright, welcoming, and sometimes enchanting, white light displays aren’t linked to the holiday season – even on the hottest summer days.

Use your backyard

One of the best things about the warmer months is getting back outdoors.  From backyard BBQs with friends and family to gatherings and camping – New Englanders take any reason to get together in the fresh air! Using your landscape or yard elements is a perfect way to display your white lights.  For example, stinging the base of a select group of trees adds charm to your outdoors.

Create a canopy of wonder

Another great way to utilize your outdoors is to create a ceiling of lights.  Hung from trees or posts, the lights join together, creating a canopy of glittering “stars” to gather under.  However, this effect is easily applied to indoor patios as well making it a win-win solution.

christmas lights nh

At Christmas By the Sea Shoppe, we’re open year-round to help you satisfy your NH Christmas lights goals.  For more innovative ideas, stop by our shop and visit us today!

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