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Holiday Wreaths NH: The Origin of the Wreath

Admit it, NH. Christmas isn’t the same without a holiday wreath or two. And nothing turns on the New England charm like a wreath, regardless of the season. But where did the wreath originate from? And why are they such a winter staple? Whether you’re planning your next winter get-together or need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, the Christmas by the Sea Shoppe has you covered! We offer a wide selection of holiday wreaths and floral arrangements for every occasion.

The Wreath Story

According to tradition, the word “wreath” is derived from the English “writhen”, which translates to “twist”. The use of the wreath was primarily in the 16th century, in which Northern & Eastern Europeans built on the custom of twisting branches into a circular shape while repurposing pine boughs from discarded trees to symbolize “everlasting life”. With the popular rise in Christianity in the late 19th century, the tradition of Advent brought about the addition of pink and purple candles to the wreath in anticipation of the Christ-child’s birth.

The Origin-al Wreath Story

The second camp of wreath-historians believes the widespread Christian use of the wreath directly results from the Romans and Greeks. As reported in Time Magazine, “…it (the wreath) was a prominent emblem of victory and power…” and winning athletes were crowned with rings of laurel, olive, and pine. These crowns, a.k.a. “corona”, were shaped like a circle to symbolize eternity. Wreaths were also given as a sign of divine respect to Roman and Greek deities. 

Holiday Wreaths NH

We all look forward to trimming the Christmas Tree here in New England. However, nothing greets the holiday season like a Holiday Wreath. Even after the New Year has come and gone, many in NH replace their Christmas wreaths with Holiday Wreaths. Here at Christmas by the Sea, you will experience a calm and cozy setting to shop for all your gifting needs. Fine purveyors of all things Christmas, we offer various holiday options for your home or that special someone. 

Pick out your Holiday Wreaths, NH!

Christmas by the Sea  brings the holiday spirit to every home. Visit us at 72 Lafayette Rd in Hampton Falls for the best Christmas decor in NH! 

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