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Need Nutcrackers for the Christmas Season?

Have you considered that nutcrackers are the perfect Christmas table decorations in NH? Many New Hampshire families have a collection of nutcrackers in a wide range of colors and sizes! But is it time to add to your ever-growing collection? We’d like to think so! Here at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe, we carry a wide variety of nutcrackers for every home. You’ll be able to choose the perfect addition to your collection. Now, let’s take a look at where this tradition comes from!


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History of Nutcrackers


Unfortunately, unlike the name suggests, nutcracker dolls are not capable of actually cracking nuts. Long ago, according to German folklore, nutcrackers were a keepsake that would bring good luck to your home and family. It was said that they represented power and strength that served as a watchdog. Thus, protecting the household from spirits and other dangers that wished harm upon them.


That’s why the NH Christmas table decorations today look the way that they do. To ward off the evil spirits, the dolls would be adorned with grim, toothy smiles. The whimsical outfits and colors not only brightened the home but helped popularize them in the United States.


Nutcracker dolls didn’t make their way to the United States until the early 1950s. While Americans were in Germany during the holiday season in World War II, they became intrigued by the little dolls sold at the open air markets. Thus, many of them brought them home after the war, bringing the tradition across the ocean.


A Nutcracker for Every Theme


The best thing about nutcrackers? You’re bound to find one perfect for your Christmas decor theme! We can help you pick out the ideal nutcracker here at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe from pinks and blues or fun characters. Now, here are a few fun nutcrackers to show off how special they can be!


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Just like clockwork, the holiday season is making its way back around! Of course, we still have a few months to go, but we’d like to think every season is perfect for holiday decorations. Why not add a steampunk or clockwork style nutcracker to your collection?


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Green with Envy


If you’re jealous of how beautiful some nutcrackers can be, why not add one that’s green with envy? Plus, you can’t go wrong with anything red or green for the holiday season.


Christmas Table Decorations in NH


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