NH Christmas Lights: The Ultimate Tree Debate

White, colored, solid, or blinking – the choices are there and the debates happening in households across the country are real. When it comes to Christmas lights in NH, the situation is no easier! From the display option to choosing the right type of bulb, who knew Christmas tree lighting could be so intense!

Lucky for you, we’re here to make your life easier.

There’s no escaping the tangled green strand of fun

Long gone are the days of heading to your local drugstore to purchase a box of those silly green strings. You know, the ones that you save year after year only to spend hours untangling the ball. Once that quest is over, you plug in the strand only to discover half of the string is out. Or, perhaps if you’re lucky, you have a nice pattern of on and off going on. Either way, you’re now onto finding the dud and replacing it with one of those spares you have hanging around (insert wink here).

Okay, we hate to break it to you, but unless you opt for one of our pre lit artificial trees, the green strand is never going away. Which, we guess, is okay – it’s part of the holiday fun, right? That being said, you do have options when it comes to which type of bulb your NH Christmas lights are.

Incandescent lights

These lights are the most popular type of tree lights and refer to the ones described above. With various lengths and colors, the incandescent is also available in indoor and outdoor options. This is great news for those of you who love to leave your Christmas lights up all year

LED lights

While some enjoy the heat produced by the incandescent light, others prefer the fireproof properties of the LED light. Although your lights won’t encourage the release of that Christmas pine scent, you can have peace of mind that dry needles are no longer a concern. With LED lights, you’ll pay a bit more but have a completely safe lighting solution.

Globe lights

Now, if you’re really a lover of Christmas tree lights, you may want to consider a globe light. These round lights are available in various sizes and colors like the incandescent but offer a bigger yet softer glow. Globe lights are also the perfect way to fill space if you find yourself a bit light on the décor side of things.

NH Christmas lights on a Christmas tree in an horizon image

No matter what your NH Christmas lights may be, our team at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe is here to help make your holiday experience great. From artificial trees to the largest selection of unique ornaments, we have what your tree needs! Remember, if you’re tired of the fight, we also offer NH home decoration service to make life even easier!

Give our team of Christmas experts a call today and leave the debate behind (603) 601-6312.