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5 Popular Christmas Wreaths For Your Holiday Décor

While many folks are thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving, here at Christmas By the Sea Shoppe, we’re always thinking Christmas. With that, our team of creative professionals is always looking ahead. Today, we’re thinking Christmas wreaths. New Hampshire Christmas wreaths.

As a state filled with holiday joy, it’s hard not to notice the vast array of wreaths displayed. The display is truly wonderous, from freshly crafted wreaths made from clipped trees to fiber optic sights of wonder. Here, we’re taking a look at the top five wreaths displayed during the holiday season.

Let’s talk wreaths.

  1. Fresh. During the holiday season, one of the most popular Christmas wreaths in New Hampshire is the freshly crafted ring of greens. Created from freshly clipped trees, the smell is one that can’t be replicated with any other type of wreath. Starting with your greens, what comes next is limited only by your imagination. But, of course, you won’t want to forget the berries!
  2. Artificial. Although a freshly created wreath provides weeks of glorious smells, it can also get messy as they begin to dry. Because of this, some people find an artificial wreath the better option. Here, you can find traditional greens that beautifully replicate a fresh wreath or go a bit off the path with colors like white and pink.
  3. Ornament Wreaths – Bringing old-school charm to any home, a wreath crafted of classic tree ornaments is a sure head-turner. The best part of this creation is that the outcome is in your hands. The results are endless and always pleasing, from classic gold and silver to wreaths created of blue, green, white, and pink!
  4. Pinecone Wreaths – A delicate balance of greenery mixed with pinecones is always a classic display. Like other wreaths, the additional options beyond the pinecone are plentiful. From plaid ribbons to lights, even adding a burst of pine scent to the pinecone – the possibilities are yours and work seamlessly with any home.
  5. Scarf Wreath – Another classic, the scarf wreath is generally used as indoor décor. Using an old wool scarf, this DIY craft is an easy and fun upcycled way to add warmth to your home.

Whether you prefer digging in for a little crafty DIY or purchasing your Christmas wreaths, New Hampshire shops like Christmas By the Sea have your holiday décor covered. Contact us or stop in today to learn more about our extensive inventory of Christmas décor, decorating services, and offered classes!

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