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Simple Beach-Themed DIY Christmas Ornaments

As people escape to the beaches on vacation during the summer months, the last thing on their mind is Christmas shopping. However, with a little plan ahead, you can collect (for free) items to create the best DIY Christmas ornaments. DIY anything is always the best type of gift anyone can receive. Thoughtfully made, and maybe even personalized, here is a simple idea for beach-themed ornaments.

Items to gather on the beach:

  • Sand
  • Small seashells
  • Tiny pieces of driftwood
  • Sea glass

Before you begin your journey of collecting items, we want to remind you always to be mindful of what you take.  Ensuring that items are truly abandoned before removing them from their habitat is imperative when searching the beach sands.

Things you’ll need to purchase:

  • Clear glass bulbs – round and flat discs work best.
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Twine
  • Tacky Glue
  • Small funnel

Once you have all of your items collected and purchased, it’s time to get to work! Begin by separating and organizing your found items into separate bowls.  Next, removing the tops of your ornaments, you’ll want to set them aside as you begin to fill your globes.

With your funnel, slowly pour sand into the globe until it is a quarter to half full.  If you’re opting for glitter, you’ll want to mix the glitter into the sand before beginning this step.

Once you reach the desired height with the sand, carefully place a variety of objects into the globe.  You’ll want to incorporate a mixture of shells and other objects you found along your journey.

When you’re satisfied with your ornament, it’s time to secure the top.  Begin by applying a thin layer of glue around the neck of the globe.  Next, secure the top of the ornament back into the opening.  Allow 2-3 minutes for the bond to form before moving onto the next step.

Now that your bond is intact, apply more paint around the top of the globe.  This layer serves as the adhesive for your twine.  Once you have the desired width, begin applying the twine in a circular motion around your ornament.  Remember, you can always apply more glue as you go.

Finally, you’ll want to cut a piece of twine approximately one inch in length.  Carefully loop and knot the twine through the ornaments hook, and you’re done!  Of course, personalization is always an option as well.  If you do choose to add a name or date, allow your ornament to completely dry before moving on. Another option to complete the look is to add a sheer ribbon bow around the hook.

DIY Christmas ornaments are excellent gifts, or additions to gifts, assuming you have the time to make them! If not, remember to stop into Christmas By The Sea Shoppe this summer.  We have the largest variety of NH Christmas ornaments for everyone. 

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