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4 Tips on Safely Storing Christmas Decorations

While we are sad to see it all go, the clean-up of the holiday season is an inevitable part of the holiday season. Whether you decide to keep everything up or take it all down come January, we have tips on how to store your Christmas decor in NH without the risk of breaking anything. 

Our team at Christmas by the Sea Shoppe knows how much your decorations mean to you. Because of this, we want to ensure that everything is safe for the next holiday season! Here are four tips to get your decor through the year.

Shrink Wrap your Christmas tree

Whether you keep your artificial tree in the basement, attic, or storage unit, this hack will help keep it clean and protected all year round. When you are ready to put it back up at the end of the year, all you have to do is slice it open and set it up without the worry of dust. 

Wrap lights around cardboard

Not only will this method keep you organized when trying to find all of your Christmas decorations, but it will also help avoid your lights tangling and possibly breaking when you are dishing them out of their boxes. 

Salvage storage containers for your ornaments

Sometimes, the original ornament boxes may not feel safe enough to use for storage. If this sounds familiar, salvaging a few sturdy boxes is an excellent alternative. Ask your local liquor store if they can spare any wine bottle boxes with dividers. These boxes are perfect for layering ornaments with the support of bubble wrap or newspaper. You can also try using egg cartons for smaller items or plastic produce containers or shoeboxes for some more oversized items. 

Keep garland in water bottles 

We all know that garland can cause a huge tangled mess when stored together. If you have long strings of garland that you want to keep safe, try putting them in water bottles to prevent mishaps! 

Christmas is only 365 days away!

Christmas by the Sea Shoppe is bringing the spirit of Christmas every day of the year, not just during the holiday season. For those who want to stock up on the holiday joy sooner than later, come on down to 72 Lafayette Rd in Hampton Falls for some of the best Christmas decor in NH! 

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