The Best NH Christmas Wreaths for the Holiday Season

Like your holiday tree lights, NH Christmas wreaths come in various shapes, colors, sizes and are filled with even more types of décor! So, as you can imagine, choosing the perfect wreath for your holiday decorating can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. As an expert  NH Christmas decoration service, our team at Christmas By The Sea is here to help simplify the process. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few of the most common types of wreaths to help get you started!

Classic NH Christmas wreaths

If simple, yet classically elegance is the look for you, then you’ll want to consider freshly cut greens. From boxwood to pine, this type of wreath is a holiday classic. And, the best part is that they’re readily available no matter where you live. From plain green wreaths to pre-decorated, the holiday wreath is a must.

If you’re having a little DIY go with decorating your wreath, here are a few items to gather:

Deck the halls

What better way to express your holiday joy than with ornaments – and a lot of them. Christmas wreaths are the perfect opportunity to get festive with your round ornaments. Red, white, green, silver, gold, glitter – solids, stripes, geometric patterns, and all in sizes galore. There is no wrong or right here, just a whole lot of fun.

And, of course, beach-themed wreaths!

At Christmas by the Sea, we love anything pertaining to the beach (of course). And, just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the beach décor. Wreaths are an excellent source of expressing your love of the ocean by incorporating shells, starfish, sand dollars, and burlap ribbons.

Artificial wreaths for any style

If time is of the essence, as well as budget, an artificial wreath just may be the solution you need. Sure, at first glance, the artificial choice seems a bit pricey. However, you need to keep in mind that this is a one and done solution. Even though you may be paying more upfront, you’ll eliminate the cost in years going forward. Besides, no matter what aesthetic you’re looking for, there is a myriad of wreaths sure to fit any style.No matter what your NH Christmas wreaths call for, we have the supplies (and wreaths) you need this season! Stop by and visit Christmas By The Sea Shoppe today for all of your holiday décor needs!