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6 Ways To Use NH Christmas Decor This Summer

Do you have certain NH Christmas decor items that you wish you could see all year long? Well, you can! It might feel a little bit weird pulling out the decorations when it’s still warm, but those packed away lights might be the perfect thing for a bit of home decor makeover. Even better, Christmas by the Sea Shoppe is available year-round for all of your Christmas decor NH needs. 

Reuse Those Christmas Lights!

You can find Christmas lights in hundreds of different styles! Bulbs in every color, shape, and size can be used to light up your backyard or home in creative ways all year round. Here are a few different examples for styling Christmas lights beyond the tree. 

Porch Lights

White or even colored lights can be a great addition to your outdoor seating or entertaining area! One way to incorporate lights outdoors is by wrapping them around porch or stair railings for a beautiful glow. If that’s not possible, winding lights around tables and umbrellas are another great way to reuse Christmas decor in NH!

Mirror Glow Up

Christmas lights can bring your drab floor mirror to the next level! Illuminating your mirror with lights will add the perfect touch of sparkle to your bedroom or bathroom! It will create the perfect backdrop when you’re getting ready each day. 

Reading Nook

Christmas decor is known for being cozy. Additionally, reading nooks are a perfect way to reuse lights outside of the holiday season. Stringing up your favorite bulbs around a comfortable couch or corner will elevate your reading experience!


Do your children ever want to backyard camp? Christmas lights may be a fun way to make the experience even more pleasant! Wind lights around the tent poles for an effortless nighttime glow! They’ll be able to hang out all night long in the backyard without worrying about lanterns. 

Picture-Perfect Social Media

Looking for a budget background option for social media? Well, NH Christmas decor might be the answer! Stringing up lights indoors or outdoors behind a flowing sheet can be a great way to make your social media photoshoot pop without spending any extra cash. 

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